iM into Disrupting Higher Ed

When I began at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I was tasked with creating a new, revenue-generating online master’s program from scratch. I had one year and no budget. I knew the only way to make the situation work was to approach marketing and GIS exactly how scientists wouldn’t.

In my first two months, I became a copywriting and SEO best practices student – poring over books, blogs, and journal articles on persuasive writing like a mad man.

I took what I learned and crafted drip campaigns and landing pages with irresistible click-bait. Once on our site, leads were ours. The website copy reeled stealth leads in – shooting them down the marketing funnel straight to the application phase.

Elbow grease and copy took the program from nothing to nearly $1 million in revenue within two years. By 2019, the program graduated more master’s students in GIS than any other program in the country – 42!

This opportunity helped advance my career. I now facilitate the development of revenue-generating, graduate programs at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. My goal is to help UW – Madison survive the current disruption