iM a Writer

I have over 20 years of experience publishing and editing across different genres, mediums, and for many types of audiences.

My published and contract writing portfolio includes:

SEO Content and Advertising

  • Web and landing-page copy
  • Advertising copy
  • SEO content (blogs, whitepapers, ePubs)

Technical Writing

  • Documentation
  • Software tutorials
  • Blogs about route-planning
  • CRM promotions
  • DXP explanations
  • Medical diagnosis
  • E-learning best practices
  • Cannabis waste management

Script Writing

  • Video scripts
  • Feature-length screenplays
  • Television pilots
  • Reality television concepts

Curriculum Design and Textbooks

  • AP Human Geography and GIS Curriculum Design
  • Middle and High-School Textbooks
  • Web mapping and map design textbook

Miscellaneous Writing

  • Peer-reviewed research
  • Pre-publication book reviews
  • Non-fiction articles